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Housing Programs and Youth Activities include:


Short to medium term accommodation for the homeless and at risk young people making the transition to independent living, Housing Authority tenancy risk support, public and private rental issue support.
Support Tenant Education Program (STEP)
Providing support for Housing Authority clients
Public & Private Tenant Support Service (PTSS)
Providing support for tenants of both public and private rentals
National Affordable Homelessness Agreement (NAHA)
Transitional Housing and support for young people at risk or homeless


Girls Club
A group environment providing support for girls aged 12-17 including activities and excursions with a focus on health and safety.
Drop In
After school activities and afternoon tea for youth aged 12-17 in a fun and safe environment.
Referrals, advocacy and private one-on-one sessions for students who need a little more help.
Funded camps are run for eligible youth to provide learning and life experience.
Planned outings for eligible youth within programs
School Holiday Programs
Activities and collaborations with other local organisations for fun and community spirit on the school holidays.

Expressions of Interest
Expression of Interest

Who can be a member?
To be eligible to act as a board member of Avon Youth Community & Family Services Inc., an individual must:
Be willing and able to become a member of the company and attend meetings;
Give their signed consent to Avon Youth Community & Family Services that they agree to act as a board member of the organisation;
Support the objectives of the organisation;
Uphold the vision, mission and values of the company;
Agree to comply with the constitution;
Will pay the membership fee as determined by the board.

If you have any questions about becoming a board member at Avon Youth Community & Family Services, please contact the CEO, Denese Smythe, on 08 9622 2612 or email denese.smythe@avonyouth.org.au