Vision & Mission Statement

Our Vision:

A vibrant community and youth centre that provides inclusive innovated and sustainable programs and services improving individual and community physical, mental and

emotional health and well being. Because every kid matters!


Our Mission:

AYCFS Inc. is committed to providing exceptional services that lessen the issues that impact on young people and their families. We do this by providing:

  • A youth hub or safe place for service delivery in partnership with the community.
  • Opportunities to promote and support relationships within families with supportive community networks
  • Promotion of healthy lifestyles to young people
  • Opportunities for supported accommodation for young people in need.


Our Values:

  • Integrity - We will act with honour and be genuine in our dealings
  • Respect - We will recognise the diversity of each individual
  • Consistency - We will provide reliable and dependable services that are fair and equitable
  • Commitment - We will not waiver in our commitment to you. 
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